Thoughts on Death

And honestly… not to sound morbid or anything, death intrigues me. I’m not afraid of it. I’m afraid of becoming weaker and watching my body decay, but the actual act of dying is really curious to me. A part of me wants to experience it. But I’m not suicidal, I love my life and I want to make a difference while I’m here. But I guess death has always only made me feel surreal, not really sad or anything. I think it reminds me of how small and short-lived the world we see right now really is. Then I simply feel strange.

-This was written as a comment response on a message board about death and dying.


2 Responses to Thoughts on Death

  1. henfre says:

    When you do die, you’ll find out then? Even if you do just cease to exist, you’ll be dead, so you cannot be dissatisfied either. =)

    • mymind1086 says:

      haha, true. Something that annoys me is that if we do cease to exist at death, no one will every know what happens when we die!

      That’s not what I believe… but it’s something I think about.

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