The Oddness of Everything

This was written Nov. 3, 2008

Has the oddness of the universe ever hit you? 

The other night, I was reading some articles and blogs and watching some videos discussing atheism and agnosticism. I also recently watched the movie “Expelled” with Ben Stein. One of the biggest reasons that people are agnostics or atheists seems to be that there is not enough evidence to prove that God exists. Some people will say that we are born without the knowledge of God. I would really like to know the empirical evidence behind that statement. 

As I was reading all of the reasons, I realized how strange the universe is. The universe is vast and huge, yet it seems so contained because that is all there is. The universe is everything by definition: all matter, all energy, momentum, and all motion, everything lit, and everything unlit. The universe is wild, and unpredictable because we cannot come close to understanding it in its entirety; yet it’s predictable because it has order, and it contains everything in one word. We will never find anything that is not a part of the universe. There is nothing else but the universe. 

It’s strange that it is what it is, and it is nothing else. 

Could it really have been here for all eternity in the way it is? Is everything in the universe, including you and I, only a complex mixture of material and energy which continually breaks apart to join with other materials to break apart again at a later time? Is everything randomly happening over and over again with no meaning or direction or purpose? Has the universe been in motion for eternity past?

The idea of a self-sustaining, cold, dark universe sitting in the middle of inky, black nothingness for all eternity became absurd to me. The idea that everything may be meaningless no longer scared me because it could not be true. I realized how much more sense it made to believe that there must be some reason, some higher order or intelligence involved in the operation of everything. 

The fact that I am here, and you are here, and the universe is here is proof enough to me of God’s existence.


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