A Holy Wrong Direction

This was written July 27, 2008

When did we switch from our destination being Christ to our destination being our earthly occupation?

What I mean is that we seem to have this idea that our final destination is our career, spouse, and the place we live (or any dream we have for the future). I see this all the time in college. People don’t know what God wants them to do with their lives so they don’t choose a major until they can’t push it back any longer. No one in campus ministries seems to date because they are “waiting on God” to show them “the one” (which doesn’t exist by the way). The Holy Spirit for them is no longer there to help them die to self or teach and mould them to become like Christ through the experiences they have in dating/marriage, their careers, and where they live. Instead, they view their careers/future spouses/places they live as the destination God has for them. Christ then becomes the road to the career that is “in His will” for them making their earthly roles their destination instead of living in the freedom of the unshakeable identity we have in Christ.

Instead of praying that God would give them the faith and strength to bear His image in whatever they do, the subject of their prayers is for God to tell them what they are supposed to do (because apparently they are already living out everything He has already told them in His Word so they are sitting around bored…*sarcasm). I’m not saying that they aren’t being genuine. I know it comes from a heart to please God. But I think they are confused about what “pleasing God” means.

Honestly, I don’t know what job God has for me in the future, but I do know that God wants me to use my gifts, and He wants me to be responsible.
I don’t know where I am going to live, but I do know He is with me everywhere I go.
I don’t know who I am going to marry, but I do know that I have the freedom to marry if I wish.

This is something I saw somewhere and I liked it:
Stop asking, “What does God want me to do?” and start asking, “Who does God want me to be?”


One Response to A Holy Wrong Direction

  1. JBoyd says:

    Andrew, my friend. there is much in this that I needed to be reminded of today.

    I’m glad you’ve made it available.

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